Budget and Finance Your New Home with Confidence

Construction Loans

Before purchasing your property, or a preliminary house design, our team will perform a thorough site review providing valuable information regarding anticipated development costs and permits. In addition, the Build Your Own Home program offers you the ability to finance your land purchase with our in-house construction loans and financing options.

Cost Estimating

Working behind the scenes, our team prepares cost estimates based upon selections and decisions that you make during the planning and design stage of the program. Cost estimating involves actual material take-offs for all of the labor and materials that will be employed in the construction of your new home, as well as specific material quotes for building products that you will select for the construction of your new home.

Budget control

Our team will work with you to design your home and select materials that keep you within your budget. You will receive contractor pricing on materials, and approve all purchases or expenses on a regular basis. In addition, purchasing through our in-house materials supplier, Materials Direct LLC. consolidates your invoicing and expense accounts from subcontractors.